Way of the Dragon - meaty setup and option select


this is sooooo good


Really great stuff, would love to see Kim players use this. Guaranteed meaties that beat most reversals are always great.

Also really hope this thread doesn’t just get buried.


Good find dude!

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A pin request, you say?


What? Super-useful tech advice getting lost on these forums? When has that ever happened… :open_mouth:

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Awesome stuff, m8! I believe RET was using this setup in osaka when he took the tourney! =D

Really strong tool for Kim’s oki.

I saw him use it in a match against Omen! He is the first Kim I have seen really using the corner to her advantage. Wall splats are her best friend!

I currently have been using this since you uploaded, and working off of what I can do with it. It’s amazing! Thank you @HughBoyZilla !

Very nice tech. Kim just got a bit scarier on knockdown. :thumbsup:

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Is this tourney on youtube yet? I wanna see it :slight_smile:


At least we now have a pinned tech thread in the Hisako forum where we can dump links to older threads containing tech. That makes sifting through threads a lot easier. It’s hard enough playing Hisako without having to second as a librarian… :upside_down:

Also - Damned good stuff @HughBoyZilla!!

Here you go, youtube link courtesy of @BoJima404 who linked it on another thread =)

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Thaaaaaaaank You :smile:

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yeah, this is pretty excellent. I’m a maniac for throws too, weird habit of mine, so this is doubly useful for me.

If you forward throw dash, whiff a throw then I think do either one of your medium punch normals or cr.mk you can do a high low mixup off said throw. Not sure which reversals can beat it and I’ll need a list of typical reversals one encounters to really start testing them on.