Wave two of figures canceled?

I’m hearing rumors ult source is done with ki. Anyone got any truth to it?

I wouldn’t believe any rumors until you hear official word.


Just looks like they are expanding their line to feature more use of their sound-link technology. Though, they are still active with KI especially when it comes to playing it.

Don’t see why they would suddenly stop supporting KI considering it’s probably their only main source of income at the moment. I can understand if they want to branch out, but I don’t think they would completely cut ties.

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It’s probably true with the game coming to a steady halt and most of their marketing happening at gaming events I wouldn’t see a reason to continue pushing them out.

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Yeah, new characters coming out every few months, new skin packs, costumes (Thunder’s), Guardians, comics, etc.

Game is definitely grinding to a halt.


And MS just put KI in a dell gaming laptop ad featuring Spiderman Homecomimg. People like @ShinHisako have some sort of need to beat the “game is dying” drum regardless of the evidence. I’m not sure what they get out of it.


KI is “dead”.

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Actually Spinal is dead… Mira is undead. :wink: :smiley:


Vampires are still alive.

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Hey if we’re going to keep whipping a dead horse, let’s at least make a game out of it.



While BOTH Kan-ra and Eyedol are “dead-undead” so to speak and to put it that way too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

List of character who “died”, but they are still alive:

-Hisako/Shin Hisako


Not saying the game is dead just saying there’s been no news on wave 2 for months.

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I stated months ago that when US had the big liquidation sale that they might be in trouble financially to keep operations up and running fro WAVE 2. Maybe they had to scrape up enough capital to fund the production of wave 2? Maybe they arent there yet? they are a small business so anything could have happened int he last year.

We wont know until we get a confirmation from US.

On a side note I get matched up against the Ultimate Source 1 GT all the time… gave em a good ace whooppin last week LOL…but honestly he usually beats me :wink:

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Wouldn’t Jago be on this list since he was technically resurrected by Kan-Ra in Shadow Lords?

He was more “severely wounded” than “dead”