Wave 2 Figures...where are they?

I’m starting to get really worried about this.

The only time we received news about Wave 2 was in KI World Cup back in January 2016, when we saw prototypes of Cinder, TJ, and Orchid. That was over a year and a half ago with nothing but news silence and a few exclusive colors being handed out to popular players.

Every few months or so this thought pops into my head and I get more and more unsure if this is still going to happen.

I really just want SOMETHING about it to pop up. A simple “They’re still in development, we can’t announce the date quite yet” or “We unfortunately had to cease production.” I hate this unnerving feeling that something happened with production that was kept from the public. I’m willing to believe that production could take this long, but I need to hear something so I could put my suspicions to rest.


These simple answers would work for alot of questions. But we’ll have to keep dealing with kryptic bullshit as saying something is obviously too difficult.


I made a comment about what was possibly happening when they had the huge liquidation sale…everyone got pissed off and said I was crazy. I honestly believe I am right. They just dont have the money to continue to produce. No working capital means no way to purchase supplies, play employees, ect… if you dont sale the promised amount that you told the bank you would make each quarter… the bank stops lending you money to keep your “seasonal business” running.

I also sent a message politely asking what the status is to one of the Owners…I got no response and Ive had conversations with this person a few times. He usually replies…but not this time.

Of course I could be totally wrong, and Im only speculating. But some news from their team is definitely needed right now.


I will take the heat for you. :slight_smile:

They bit off more than they could chew. I do think that sale they had was just a way to give the investors a little profit before they closed up shop.

For me it is hard to get excited when I need to stand up my Fulgore several times a day, amd a few more times putting his blade back in his arm. The quality of the work is not very good. Definitely not for what they charged. I could go on about the Jago figs that looked wierd “can’t use the word I want to use”. The Saberwulf figs that would not stand up either. I don’t want another wave of over priced sub part figs. They should just say they made a mistake and will not be making the others.

I think they were counting on the color 10s to help sell them. They did not realize there were 2 groups of people. Those who just want the figs and those who just want the color. I have seen several people selling the colors because all they wanted was the fig, and selling the color makes the fig cheaper.


Judging from orchids prototype face it’s best they shut all future production down


So apparently their latest product is a plush toy of Max’s dog with a joystick. I commented as to why they are producing this and not more KI figures. My comment was deleted and I was blocked.


One thing I would like to comment on is if they are supposedly attempting to back out of the KI figure scene in a hush hush manner they sure seem to be making it a point to keep promoting KI in their tweets…there’s at least one KI related tweet or retweet every day for the past month.

Honestly I don’t know what’s going on. No one’s saying anything. Spinal’s sold out. Second wave is MIA. Everything just seems to be in limbo, and we aren’t getting so much as a snipit of a reassurance that stuff is going to get better.

I dunno. While I don’t feel all hope is lost…I don’t have much hope.

If nothing else the hype train has derailed so badly it’s sitting at the bottom of the ocean next to a jumbo jet and a space shuttle.


It’s not happening. Wave 2 won’t happen. Ultimate Source did not sell the figures that well & it’s obvious. They are moving on from that.


Kind of disappointing how they wanted to do Wave 2 but couldn’t.

Can we all not jump to conclusions until we hear something official on this. Hopefully they are still be coming and they might just be taking longer than expected because they are changing over to a more cost effective way of developing them. Who’s knows.

Honestly that’s what I’m hoping, but to be fair they way things are being handled currently PR wise doesn’t really seem indicative of things going well or continuing. I sincerely hope you’re right, but I’m just not seeing it.

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I can say from experience this is 100% exactly how jazwares was acting when they didn’t want to tell fans they lost the mortal kombat figure license so I’m very worried.