Watch the 8th character reveal here!

yep first Roy’s return, then Corrin’ showed up adding to the FE mess and now it delays for an hour. granted the hour delay be the least offence.

Every time same thing man. Why are they making it so difficult. Am i supposed to get hyped after so much waiting?

It’s all about the anticipation.

What’s with the pokemon showing in my screen?! why am I waiting since 12 noon for the last character to be revealed?! why is this taking so long?!?! I can’t take it anymore!!!

Pokken guest character confirmed. kappa

YAWN :sleepy:

Pokken is one of those games that is really fun to play, not so exciting to watch…


It’s a bit of both but I honestly just wanna see the 8th character right now

Pretty much. That Darkrai hype though!

It reminds me too much of those anime DBZ FGs - and I hate those…

8th character will be revealed sep 20


DBZ and Fg at once? XD lel no

Pokkén FTL

Take that back! :rage:


No… 8th character will be reveal before release Half Life 3! : D

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Be patient. It’s quality over quantity.

Maybe he is not being revealed at all. Fun is the same.

What does quality v quantity have to do with anything when it was delayed because Sm4sh wet overtime.

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Thank the gods that’s over I was getting sick of watching Glacius’ dog beat the crap out of Cinder’s cat.

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Thanks alot Pokken