Watch the 8th character reveal here!

It’s about SL. Patience tactics.

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It is not over. That was loser finals. Still got grand finals but there is a commercial break.

No thank Sm4sh it had to have over time >_>

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NNNOOOOOO!!! :scream:

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Just realized I said Sm4sh “wet” overtime XD

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It’s not Pokken’s fault. It’s the Tourney organizers for doing a ■■■■ job with Smash 4.


Just finished watching the stream, it was a bit confusing how they only showed S4 characters, but Mewtwo looks like he’ll be a good addition to S3.



Is it possible that we’ll likely just get 30 more mins?

Ok, so, loser finals up right now, and then GF’s and pokken will be done.

3AM over here… Gotta get up @ 8 to work x’D really hope this top8 makes up for the lack of sleep x3

Here’s hoping by 9:30 we’ll at least et it

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What if it was 9. Eagle and eyedol


The Grand finals for pokken will definatl take some time to.

So what you’re saying is that we may not even see the character till 10:00!!?

Im not going to bed until I see the finals, the reveal and play a round of Dark Souls… SO Im in for the long haul!!

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For cryin’ out loud!..- ___ - should of had that happen a long time ago

Looks like we’re not gonna get the reveal till 10 tonight. x__x

Grand Finals Ya’ll!! Only a matter of time.

I hear that there weren’t even any Yoshi players in Smash4 top 8, either. Smash4 is the worst. :unamused:

But seriously, come on guys, let’s get behind notable KI Riptor player Tonosama. :smiley:

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well didn’t know he played KI either way. I’m still waiting on Pokken to finish

Will this nightmare never end?