Warrior Cancelling is Too Sensitive

I really enjoy learning new characters in this game, but many characters I’ve tried have just one small thing that makes it very difficult to learn them. Most of the time, that’s DP motions as I suck with those :unamused:

However, with Eyedol, the one annoying thing that gets in my way is the jump/dash cancels he gets with Warrior pips. I often find myself jump cancelling accidentally during my own combo, which is especially annoying when it comes out when I try to input an ultra.

I’ve mentioned this to a few other players and it seems I’m not the only one who dislikes this. I dunno how this could be fixed, but if there’s any way to lower the sensitivity of the jump cancels, it would be very helpful.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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You mentioned that you have problems with DP motions… quickly sends feedback to devs to alter all of Glacius’ movesets to DP motions. :imp:

In respect to jump cancelling… Honestly I don’t think there is any shortcuts to fix something like this, other than muscle memory. I have the same problem with accidentally ending combos with Eclipse with Sabrewulf. This is actually one of the reasons I gave up playing him, as every time I’d start a combo with crouching attacks, I had to keep holding down, to prevent Sabrewulf from doing an Eclipse as even adjusting the analog stick to neutral would cause him to do that move.

Then again, you could also learn Sadira. :smiley:

What type of controller do you use?