Anyone else here play Warframe? I’ve been playing it on and off since the beginning of the year but now I’m really getting into it. It’s probably the most AAA and surprising F2P game I’ve ever played.

The upcoming expansions look hella cool too:

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My friends keep recommending to play this game on the PS4 just months after my other friend suggested that I play it on Xbox One lmao


I’ve been playing for a few months now, been about the only game I’ve played.

This is kinda what I wished Destiny was more like, though it’s not perfect either. At least it doesn’t bog you down with tons of microtransactions and loot boxes, and the trading system between players is even better.

Wish there was a lot more story and involvement in the universe than there is too. The story and lore that is in the game is interesting.

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Have you gotten to The Second Dream quest? Just asking because that’s where the cinematic story starts and where the true narrative really begins to take off.

Definitely go for it on something. It’s really good and only gets better with the more progress you make.

Yeah, I’ve completed all the quests actually. But while I do hate to compare anything to anything else, I do have to say, while the story is better than most games out there do right now, it’s actually so small by comparison.

It’s hard for me to actually articulate my particular thoughts on the matter at the moment, but as one standalone example, every mission in Destiny has a small amount of story, purpose, lore, and resolution that makes reaching the conclusion of the mission a full experience. Meanwhile, the missions in Warframe have no real purpose other than to give players something to do, there’s no plot to the many Defense, Capture, Exterminate, and other mission goal varieties out there. They are for the most part bland, generic, and throwaway, which is something tied to the nature of the randomly generated maps for the missions I suppose.

Still, any mission you go on feels throwaway. They don’t have to be groundbreaking story lore missions like The Second Dream or the War Within, but to give them a sense of purpose and resolution I would say isn’t too much to ask.

For what it’s worth, Digital Extremes has gained my interest, and I certainly will be playing and supporting them for a while to come. They are interesting especially in the same sense KI was interesting to watch in its development. The developers listen, seem interested in actually taking community feedback while delivering their own unique vision, and are tied to a sense of ethics and fair play.

That last part is important to stress as in this day and age, Warframe has plenty of competition, but is marking a unique share of the market for themselves and slaying the competition because they actually listen to their fans, and price their product fairly. Bungie by comparison has pulled one dirty move after the next since Destiny 2’s launch, and even though they are trying to do right now, the loot box microtransaction heavy ecosystem still persists, and Activision just doesn’t care, even in light of the EA controversy and the threat of real legislation to regulate these moves by the industry. Warframe however, is more up front about their prices versus their product, and deliver only what is advertised. To add to that, they did what Bungie, EA, and a bunch of these other companies still won’t do if they intend to profit off the play of the game. DE put the game on the market for free, and let the crowds decide to put their hard earned money on the purchase of platinum and other premium items, without having to gamble their luck on whether the player will get what they want, a very courageous move on their part.

I won’t say the game is perfect, but they constantly update with interesting stuff, and this shift from the random generated playfields to things like the Plains of Eidolon and the soon to come Venus open world has some big ideas that seem awesome to me. I’m actually very interested in what this game has coming next, which is difficult for me now, as most games don’t capture my attention like this anymore.

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