Ward armor

It functions the same as normal armor right? Like chunks, shadow moves, wrecking ball etc etc? There’s no hidden or special thing about it right? Just asking for reassurance.

Yes, it’s basically the same type of armor you get from the examples you just said.

Hmmm ok then. Excellent.

Yep same effect, however it does work in the air unlike Aganos chunks. And Ward stacks are taken before Aganos chunks so you can have extra fun with resources.

I’m just making sure so I can more easily blow it up.

Oh dude I know right? I have two Perfect Gold Wards and using Aganos on basically any match is a cake walk with all those armor frames and the fact I get Ender 4 for more chunks in like 3 moves.

It does interfere with Spinal’s power devour, (you never get skulls), on the other hand your curse stacks & projectiles wont go away from getting hit with Armour on. (works for Cinder’s bombs too)