Wanted to show yo our basic KI skills, we are 2 Killer Instinct girls fans from Bogota

Give me an advice with Sabrewulf, i would like to be like the best with him, but i cant even make an ultra with him, however i love the play mechanics and the movements; we recorded this gameplay in a windows 10 computer although i normally play with an xbox one; we did it like this to be able to record it with our faces and be able to upload it to YouTube, thank you for yous comments, we will play more in the future, thank you for watching, cheers!.




Thank you for your comment!, why you drop it? for us is still a great game! Cheers!

First of all, welcome to the game! It really is reassuring to see new players who are willing to play the game!
As far as advice goes, I really think that the best way to learn this game is watching high level players and reading the guides, both in-game and here in the forums. Infil’s KI guide is easily the best way to understand the core mechanics of any individual character, their moves, instinct and game plan. I really recommend you two to watch Pharaoh’s Combo Killers (PCK) tournament on YouTube, lately an amazing Sabrewulf player by the name nsx WayneTheWhale has been bodying people like crazy with his amazing Wulf, also there are older players like Paulb and UA Wheels to learn from.
Good luck! Hope to run into you on Ranked!

Thank you, i will check the channels in youtube, but even with basic knowledge, we love the game as a whole, i don´t know if the music scheme has a name? i mean, the mix with the hits and the music when an ultra comes? we simply love it, we will improve and make another mini tournament in the future with some friends as we´re not the only ones, cheers!

am from Nigeria, seeing you both even pick this up gives me joy, keep loving it.