Wanna know why I LOVE Gargos?

He can beat the &%#@ out of stupid annoying Sadira



What a useless thrend

He can anti-air the heck out of her. When deflecting her web dive in, he can grab her out of the air. On and on. She’s hard to fight online, but Gargos tops her.

He’s not the first, tho.

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Yeah he makes fighting her a lot easier. He makes Sadira a little more hesitant to jump around the screen since heavy and meduim portal punches will knock her out of the air no matter where you are, plus his jumping heavy kick :smiling_imp:

For me though he’s the best by far. I always have trouble fighting her, but he just owns her.

I’d love to see your drawn Sadira!

Well of you love Gargos then you’re gonna adore Thunder and Rash.

Cause he’s an easy win, just like her. Rash too. Shadow Jago has been knocked ouy of the top 3 of pretty mindlessly winnable KI characters.

I think Shadow Jago is way harder to deal with than Gargos

I don’t. MKX inspired level of spamming cheese with Gargos.

I love to beat him. Especially the shadows. :slight_smile: