Walls - Respect them!

Just remember, when walls start to stack, you have to respect the ability for Aganos to take your entire life bar with one wrong move!


That damage! I need to get into the habit of stacking multiple walls. I’m always too scared to get rid of the armor.

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Well, just 65% in this case… But both Miley Cirus and the Kool-Aid Man would be proud!

DAT Damage!

Ha! I did that to a Glacius player just the other day! That’s how you deal with zoners! You block to gain meter and use your chunks to put up walls behind them. If they try to move forward, put up more walls, and then BAM! BAM! BAM! …they’re 6 ft. under. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ouch. It’s not a food feeling when you have to approach Aganos with walls behind you…when he gets some space and chunks to work with, he’s a terror.