Walk speed ranking

Any lists that ranks walk speed? Should we make one if there isn’t?

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this would actually be pretty useful, i support this.

No list to my knowledge. You would have to frame step a recording of each character walking and measure how many frames it takes them to walk the same distance (and you’d have to be very clear about how you measure that distance, which will not be easy due to differences in hitboxes and stuff).

But if you’re interested in making such a list, go for it.

Not sure about lists, but I know a few of the outliers.

Ultra Fast:
-Shadow Jago
-Shin Hisako

Ultra Slow:

Might be fun to make an in depth list

Hmm… would Kim Wu be under UF as well? It’s been a while since I’ve played but I could swear that her walk speed was really up there.

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Walk speed also changes for certain characters in unique modes. (Aganos chunks, AIRA’s Blade Body, Eyedol’s Stance.) That needs to be taken into consideration as well.

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Kof13 folks did one where they just recorded the characters walking into each other and whoever pushed faster is the faster one and it worked afaik for them

Wulf is fast.Not sure if ultra fast as he was before but close.

Wulf definitely has a good walk speed, even though it’s kinda overshadowed by his other mobility tools like his dash, run, and diving slash. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not necessarily. You could just measure the distance traveled in 60 frames.

This would be easy to do if there was a static camera, but I’m not sure how you’re going to do it for Aganos/Raam etc without a little bit of guesswork (ie, dividing up the training room floor tiles and eyeballing where a hitbox starts/stops, etc).

You could just measure the time it takes to walk from one corner to another. Do it 3 times with each character and take the average time.

It’s an okay idea but still hard to be accurate… what does it mean to reach the corner? Your opponent’s character will be in the way… should it be the frame you touch their hitbox? But some characters have wider hitboxes than others… etc.

You could probably find a way to make it work but there’s probably a better way via measuring training mode squares over 60 frames or something, because hitbox width won’t matter in that case.

An idea I had was to record with hitboxs on. Using the right side of the character’s throw hitboxs (since the green hitbox can change between certain animations) start on the left side of one of the large boxes in training mode, and move to around the left side of the 5th box. It give a certain amount of space to work with, but the character cannot touch the opponent as the hitbox collision will slow the character. That’s the best idea I got for this test.

Yeah, after I made my post I had a similar idea.

The best way to do it is to jump back at the start of training, then record your character walking forward over an entire large training room square. Count the number of frames it takes one side of their hitbox to start at one edge of the square and finish at the other (and because they will be walking from outside the square to start, you don’t have to care how their neutral hitbox compares to their walking hitbox). You also don’t care about the camera zoom, since the training mode squares are absolute. The only “trick” is making sure you keep the definition of “hitbox edge touches the training room square” consistent between start and end, but this is not hard I don’t think, and worse case is you’ll be off by 1 frame which won’t impact the usefulness of the stat at all.

I don’t think this would even take that long to do, especially if you have PC tools to look at captures very quickly. Could probably do it in 2 min or so per character. I might even just do it sometime today or tomorrow or something, if I feel up for it.


Ok, I did it: Here's all the walk speeds in the game

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