Wake up set ups?

Can anyone give me some nice mix ups after a hard knock down, or soft knock down?
I’ve seen some go for a “special move” into meaty. Still haven’t find a reliable one.

For Wulf? No idea I’m afraid. I know there’s some neutral jump->leaping slash->meaty low stuff out there, but not 100% sure of the details of the setup (if it has any frame kills or microwalks or anything).

Elaborate. I don’t know who or what characters is on knockdown.

Well the post is in the Shadow Jago category so I’m supposing the character at hand is Shago.

And what I’ve found fighting a Shago recently is the ol’ toss up:
Teleport through them and then make them hold either a DP or a throw. They have to guess between something you have to tech or jump out of, and something you have to hold the block on and guess which side it’s going to hit.

And him being like Jago means he has great buttons to bother you with at just outside of comfortable range, like his crouching kicks.


@STORM179 @ItzTymeToDul Set ups using Shadow Jago against someone else.

Ah. Yeah, I know even less about Shago setups. Sorry! :sweat_smile:

Shadow jago has a cross up set up off his hard knockdown. Walk back and do pizza cutter. At different times it can hit on different sides. Also he has a safe jump for 3 frame dp.


What about that dive kick cross up I see ppl doing on line? Its super tricky I have no idea how they make it come out behind you on wake up. Its super dirty.

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I think is dash teleport kick. I guess that depending on how you do it it is safer or not. One that’s quite tricky is a low teleport kick and then a meaty. I think they are using the special to kill frames and then hit you.

Dash forward and cancel into dive kick? Or dash backward and cancel into dive kick?
I dont recall them dashing… i recall them knocking me down and then doing a dive kick but it appears behind me some how as a cross up. Its so dirty I cant stand it! Its really dirty when they constantly dive kick and you dont know if its going to come out in front or behind.

I think it should not be able to come out behind you like that…but owel, it does.

Pretty sure that’s just them doing a heavier version of dive kick - button strength determines how far the move goes, and if it makes him go behind you it crosses up.

Yeah I just tried it when I got home, you basically just neautral jump or back jump and then do the dive kick …he will appear on the other side. Its pretty easy. Hard to react to if you arent expecting it for sure!

I won’t lie, I get caught by that too. But I was looking for a less risky thing.
You can also mix up with cr.mk and then overhead. Conditioning ppl to block high, and then instead of overhead use the slide. But yeah, I was expecting to do some special (to bait) during the wake up and then a meaty.

Still that gimmicky mix up seems viable for online matches.

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I’d recommend watching some of Daa Chronicle’s matches. He’s got some really cool meaty setups involving whiff dive kicks in knockdowns.

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Does he have an archive or youtube channel?