Wake up options

I am trying to have the frog do wake up stuff to learn how to beat it but im having a hard time making the frog wake up and do thing in the dojo. Hell get up wait a sec then do it. I tried hitting him for a while but he always waits a second. tips?

combat frog’s wakeup option is

block high
block low
block high->grab
block low->grab
Block high -> Neutral Jump -> Opener
Block High -> Neutral jump -> Low button
Block low -> neutral jump -> Opener
Block low -> neutral jump -> low button
block high -> Neutral jump -> block high
block high -> Neutral jump -> block low
block low -> neutral jump -> block high
block low -> neutral jump -> block low
Block high -> Shadow counter
Block low -> Shadow counter
Wakeup Grab
Wakeup backdash
Wakeup Taunt
Wakeup Shadow bigboot.

hope that helps. Dojo doesnt let you teach the AI to do something on wakeup. It just does it based on the internal clock of your recording.

btw, iirc the only button Rash can press during wakeup is Shadow boot, outside of that nothing he does is safe. So just meaty him until he has metre.

When you record a dummy doing something, it records everything from the moment you unpause to the moment you pause again, including any walking around and doing nothing. Then on Playback it just loops that recording over and over.

It’s usually easier to instead have Rash as P1 and the other character as the dummy. Record the dummy knocking you down and doing the thing to beat his wakeup. Then when you switch back to P1 on Playback, it’s easier to do the wakeup at the right time when Rash is knocked down.