Wait- What IS Eyedol?

Happy Eyedol Day Everyone!

I hope everyone’s enjoying our favorite bisected freak today, and while we know how Eyedol came to exist in this current time due to Kan-Ra’s influence, that the hulking beast is/was a brilliant savage, and that he has an understandable beef with Gargos, we don’t know as much as I’d like about him just yet.

Most importantly, WHAT IS EYEDOL? Is he a troll? An ogre? Seriously, I’ve been curious about this since he was announced, and my theory is that the big guy is a troll of some kind. (Please, can someone on the Killer Instinct team fill us in on this detail?)

Why did Eyedol challenge Gargos? How long ago was that? If Kan-Ra stored Eyedol in the freezer, would his leftovers have gone so horribly bad? :snowflake:
I can’t be the only one who has questions about Eyedol, and I sincerely hope that at least his species can be answered. Thanks a bunch for reading, and fight on!


To answer your question, he’s all of the above. He’s an amalgamation of all things troll, ogre, orc, etc. similar to how Gargos represents everything from devils, demons, gargoyles, dragons, etc.

If you must know, though, they are…



Much like @GalacticGeek said, Eyedol is a mix of trolls, ogres, and other similar tropes.

He is a Shadow Lord that Rivaled Gargos and challenged Gargos for conquest and control much like when any other gods fight each other. We don’t know how long ago Eyedol fell in battle, but most people believe Kan-ra only recently pulled Eyedol’s corpse out of the Astral Plane.

We don’t know too much right now, but one of the devs, @BlitzedKraig I believe, said that will learn more about their battles through Shadow Lords. :slight_smile:

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A panda, obviously.


See, that is probably the biggest issue with remaking Eyedol the way they did. Before, as odd as he was, he was easily defined as a 2-headed cycloptic satyr. Now…it’s complicated. Maybe a troll/ogre/demon/zombie/extra-dimensional being?

About the only thing you can really define him as now is Eyedol.

On the plus side, since they tend to use retros to pad out NPCs in the KI universe, 2-headed cycloptic satyrs exist.

He’s ugly, that’s what he is.

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We don’t really know what species he is, clearly this astral plane is full of many species since Gargos’ minions are from worlds he’s enslaved. Odds are he’s part of some other species that is/was at war with Gargos for control of the astral plane.

Obviously his design is based on classic deceptions of ogres and trolls, maybe a touch of orc and goblin. Basically he’s the medieval fantasy monster trope.


He’s Santa Claus who was corrupted by Gargos on his last visit to earth.

I got broads in Atlanta.

I thought it was pretty obvious.

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