VS gargos

Any tips? I’ve been getting wrecked so far every time I play against someone using gargos. I can’t get close to him and I don’t know how to open him up for a combo.

Just shoot him from distance until you get more close to overheating. Once overheated, you can use more often metal ball since now is safer.

Use j.HP, b.hp, c.hp, beware of PP. Beware with missiles, if he gets you with PP on startup, missiles will not get out. But if they are out, you win the trade.

Use shadow missiles when he can’t interrupt you(jumping and out of air reckoning reach), and then approach safely (metal ball to get close)

Kilgore has great preassure from knockdowns/throws. Don’t let them escape. Clean minions with gunshots.

You can confirm from fullscreen into a combo. Visit Kilgore tech thread for more info

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