VS. Gargos is a hard match up

this is impossible

■■■■ portalpunchs and minions .

solution is hisako.

cinder is fk hell match up to gargos.

You got inferno to take care of minions. Never trailblazer against a good Gargos. He can punish it every time. Block the portal punches and build meter. Use inferno a lot.

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Yeah inferno is okay in this matchup, but inferno has a lot of startup so it’s pretty easy for gargos to portal punch you out of it. If he’s spamming portal punch, I recommend using one medium trailblazer at a time to get in close. If you commit to more than one he can punish you pretty easily. Once you get in close he’s got nothing on you

I use Glacius and I’ve beaten lots of Gargos’. Still annoying though when both minions are out. But I think he’s easy to beat.

As a Gargos main I will definitely tell you get in close and stick to him like glue. At a distance he owns you. Up close pretty much everything he does starts up slow enough you should just about always beat him to the proverbial punch.


It isn’t impossible but it isn’t easy either. I had a similar topic but it had some great advice on it.

What @WrathOfFulgore said. Stay on him.

This match up is a joke!