Vs aria?

It’s too hard to fight with ARIA.

KNEESHOTGUN seems to be hard to punish And there are too many HP.

Well Aria is pretty easy to fight use fighters like cinder because of his bombs any Zoner can beat Aria mainly gargos and if your having problems with her HP try a character that does a lot of damage Tusk Kim wu and aganos are the best against her Fulgore works to so Aria is pretty easy to fight and you can hit one of her drones for extra damage.

Erm… Well, I suppose that OP was looking for tips to beat her with Aganos that aren’t “pick someone else”…

Oh I see well you can set pillars or you can delay your shadow ball and wait for the right moment.

Aria is a difficult fight. The key is knowing when to let your armor do the work and absorb hits. On top of having a sound defense. Take solace in the fact that Aganos can pretty much truly one shot her if she makes a mistake and he only needs one bar to do so. Just be prepared to block alot look out for throws which will be the best time to punish aria and once she’s down wall her off asap and just go ham on her. It’s not easy for aria to sc Aganos due to the speed of her sc so he gets a bit more free reign when he has at least 2 hits of armor.

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