VS Aganos

As a jago player, I do very horrible against aganos. Any tips or advice as to how to defeat the golem?

Standing heavy attacks are your best friend here because they ignore armor. He’s also one (based on my experience) you have kinda have to play the patient game with. Try to find ways to deal with the armor and when he’s all out, go ham.

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Don’t shoot or charge fireballs when he has walls and meter.
Don’t DP, sword slice, or wind-kick if he has chunk armor or meter.

Throw him.
Trip him with c.HK.
Juggle him into unbreakable instinct fireballs.
Apply pressure with f.HK and then mix things up.
In combo, build up instinct and shadow meter.
Bait his payload chunks and make them whiff.
Block his ruin/ND and punish with far-reaching heavies or shadow moves.
Dash and grab during a whiffed s.PA, then block.
Block and shadow counter.
Do a crossup attack and then poke low to remove chunks.
Wall-bounce him into walls then DP him to double damage to them.


hey man you gave me these exact tips when we played a few weeks ago! i cant thank you enough ! ive greatly improved against aganos players cause of your advice!