Voltron: Legendary Defender

Just started watching this on Netflix. Damn this is a good show. Anyone else watching it?

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It’s up already? When did it get added? I’ll look into it post-haste and report back to you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Just finished watching the 1st episode - and my thoughts on it are that it is very, very good. Great characterization, animation, and voice-actors. The story is good, but not great, however considering that we’re talking about a giant mystilcal lion robot piloted by a bunge of eccentric guys that work together with each other to defend the universe from purple, conquering aliens… I think I can let that slide a bit.

I can’t wait to watch the rest of the series and introduce my brother to it.

This is how you remake a classic cartoon series! :wink:


So far I have really been enjoying it. I guess I’m getting to be an old ■■■■, but it’s hard to watch cartoons anymore with throwaway writing (which really irks me about Transformers since there hasn’t been a good combo of characters & writing since G1). This show however, doesn’t seem to suffer from that issue, which gives me hope. Maybe sometime soon Netflix will get ahold of Hasbro and do a series similar to Voltron soon…I can only hope.

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Just finished watching the whole show and I have to say: I enjoyed it a lot!!

Trailer of the first season

I don’t know if we are getting another one, but the thing with Voltron is: I haven’t enjoyed animation for a long time. I used to be always a fan of american cartoons over japanese animation (though I have some japanese retro shows I used to love).
American cartoons used to have very cool variety of shows characters and quality, but like most other shows during that time the objective was to sell toys.

I wasn’t really fan of Voltron originally, but I did enjoy the lions!! When I recognize this was a reset and saw the word dreamworks I decided to give it a shot. Nostalgia was real, and I also enjoyed how more developed the characters were. Also I enjoyed some designs a lot! Like the bad guys. The robots animation with cellshaded 3D it’s wonderful. The last chapters weren’t as interesting as the first two seasons. Overall, This was a nice surprise, I forgot what was like being hyped with cartoons and enjoying the story =)

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