Virtua Fighter 5 FS Now Backwards Compatable

Fantastic news if you’re a fan of 3D fighters in addition to KI. Virtua Fighter 5 FS is now backwards compatable on Xbox One. I’ve always really enjoyed the VF series. If anyone’s thought of branching out from KI and checking out a 3D fighter, I think VF is a very fundamental based game to start with.


Oh yeah! Finally now! :grin:

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VFANATIC :heart_eyes:


Holy cow. I just noticed this. @WrathOfFulgore aren’t you a big VF fan?

Edit maybe I’m thinking of @BoJima404?

Yeah, it’s not me. I’ve never been a big fan of 3d fighters.

yes, I am that guy. It hurts me how my MS/Live account has all the money in the world (figuratively) but I cannot pay for BC xbox360 games on MS store.

So, still no Jean Kujo, Kage or 'Nessa on a next gen system for me.

Why can’t you buy 360 BC games?

Since I am working and living overseas, I cannot register my foreign bank’s credit card or Paypal on the US MS store, and therefore I have no payment option to choose from (MS store only gives you those two options as Xbox prepaid cards do not work).

Basically, my money isn’t backward compatible if I would have to come up with a reason to blame myself.

That seems messed up.

Would a prepaid debit card work?

It’s also gonna be on PS4 via Yakuza 6.

I think so.