Virtua Fighter 5: FS Is Free With Games With Gold

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Shodown is free with games with gold from 1 - 15 July so get while you can.

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What about the DLC ?

The 2 DLC packs only cost $10 each

Hmmmmm… not worth it while the summer sale is still going.

Considering most £30+ fighting games have no where near the content that VF5FS does I think it’s an awesome investment. True the dlc packs aren’t free, but for the combined cost you get more content than most modern fighting games.

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Not when KI is 75% Off on steam…

As for other fighting games… well… are they as good and as well designed as KI ?

I personally don’t think so… whether its £10 or £30 is a moot point if they game is just one giant head ache…

Might aswell widen the search to include other genres and get an even better deal plus DLC on that.

In regards to customization there really is nothing close to VF5FS, you could theoretically create more costumes per character in VF5FS than a single character in DOA5LR (I’m sure you get 100 costume slots per character kinda like SC)

Systems wise I won’t be the first to tell you that VF5FS is highly regarded for it’s balanced gameplay, easy to learn and hard to master certainly come to mind here.

Not sure what you mean by this point? That you have to buy other packs separately?

Don’t forget if you wanted the complete KI game you had to buy all three seasons and then the extra characters and colours on top of that. Not much difference really.

It’s honestly worth checking out without the dlc though, highly rewarding game

The Head Ache in Question is sitting in training mode practicing Jacky’s Flash Sword Kick for hours and hours and hours… thats more or less what I went through when I first got Final Showdown.

I don’t think I actually ever played anyone at all in this game… not even the AI.

So whether it’s free or £30 is pointless if I can’t play it…

You don’t need to sit in training for hours so long as you can enjoy the game on a basic level which is what matters. I see your stance though if the system is not for you then I totally get that

I get that this is the sort of “Socially Acceptable” thing to say whenever this sort of thing comes up in the same way people say “Just use whatever’s Comfortable” when considering if its worth getting a different type of controller… but the reality of the situation is its only fun if everybody’s is just as bad as I am. Or if I just stay away from fighting actual opponents. Otherwise I’m just going to get bodied until I smash my controller and quit the game.

Do You ?

I don’t think you understand how complicated the issue is… its possible for an individual to like one part of something but then be put off by another part of it… usually this is normal and we just have to deal with it… but what if the thing thats putting people off is a genuinely fixable Issue and not an inherit aspect of the game such as… the netcode ? Visual Fidelity ? Toxicity ? And in my case… The Execution Barrier.

I like Virtua Fighter… I like the characters the stages and the music… I like some of the systems, the throw break system being my favourite. Unfortunately I can’t play it because Sega has a poor concept of basic physical limitations of the average human.