VIP XP issues among newly found others

I didnt notice this anywhere on the site (i will admit i didnt look tooooo hard) but I decided to bust the game out again as I havent in a while and do some leveling. I noticed that I wasnt getting the usual amount of XP as I usually got. I went back to the character select screen and there is no XP icons anymore. I went to look at boosters in the store and there are none showing either. I know theres some kind of problem with matchmaking now so I wasnt sure if this is possibly related as well. I thought the VIP XP was forever? I restarted the game just to see if maybe it was just a bad start up or something and it appears shin hisako is locked for me now too. wtf. Im guessing this is all network related issues, which is odd because this stuff should all be fine even in offline.

So I went into shadow lords, which i have shin hisako in my team, and then went back to vs and the xp and shin hisako are back… wtf… why is there even an option that turns these features off when owned? Feel free to delete, there is no solution but it just seems like network issues overall.