Video: Xbox Done?

Came across this video I’d like to share. Your thoughts anyone?

I got 9 minutes into this video before I couldn’t stand it any longer. A lot of misinformation and personal opinion is in this video, mostly like made to cash in on the drama of a made up “mass hysteria” around Phil Spencer’s decisions to include a PC audience to expand the user base for a lot of Microsoft branded titles, and games that don’t get as much exposure being console exclusive to any platform, not just Xbox One.

People have made these videos since day one of the Xbox One and the doom and gloom scenario of the Xbox brand disappearing forever. First it was the Xbox was going to be over before it got started because no one was going to buy it because of the DRM policies and the Always Online. Then they dropped both of those requirements and went with disc based media in the same traditional sense, and Xbox was going under because the mistrust was there. Phil Spencer arrives and has been making one good decision after the next, “BUT IS IT ENOUGH?” Then he tries a grand experiment to create a much larger online audience for the games and create a system where cross-play is not only feasible, but actually a huge boost to a game’s longevity by keeping people playing it, and then you hear “Phil Spencer betrayed the Xbox Brand! MS is phasing out the Xbox!”

I can’t really lend any credence to videos like these because for all their predictions and somewhat wacky market analysis, the Xbox brand still exists, and still manages to be relevant.

Honestly, I wonder how well Street Fighter 5 would have done if Sony hadn’t made it available on the PC as well, because I’ve read it didn’t even come close to the projected 2 million units it intended to sell during it’s first month of release.

When was this posted? I say ■■■■■ that, the console wars are over.