Video showing difference in Shago's jump HP hitbox after patch 3.1.5

Old jump HP (Mira patch and earlier) is on the left, new patch (Gargos patch and later) is on the right.

The hitbox extends as far down as it used to and still looks plenty wide to be useful. Shago has a slightly bigger hurtbox as well but it still looks to be well protected by the red box, except maybe air-to-airs are easier now since he is more exposed on his front side.


So, then you’re more likely to hit him without a trade on the back-end of his swing? Good to know. Also, with the excpetion of the bottom-left corner of said back-swing, it’s also nice to know that he won’t hit you provided you’re well away from that swirl effect that he’s got going on. Such great info!

Thanks, Infil! :smiley:

I should mention that this is on 3 consecutive frames. He then spins around a bit with no hitbox (for maybe 5-6 frames) and then does another pass of these same 3 frames. He does this 3 total times.

I made this because a) I was kinda curious and I had a video of old jump HP on my hard drive already, and b) to show that the move is still exceptionally good as a jump-in. It’s interesting to see the new boxes but in the middle of a match, they still basically take up all the same space the old ones did, unless you’re trying to air-to-air him from the side, then notably his hurtbox (the green hollow one) extends further out and isn’t covered by the downward part of the swing anymore. But anti-airing it is probably just about as hard as it used to be, since the red hitboxes extend just as far downwards as they used to.

I was so Tired of My C+HP Anti-Airs Failing Half of the time. Now it seems like the reason is because it really was a roll of the dice. It all depended on his position in the animation, and his height in the air. Now i should hit him 100% of the time, because i can catch the edge of his new vulnerable hitbox more often.

You’re doing the Lord’s work, Infil.


I played a common Shago today… you know the ones that would spam fire balls and Pizza Cutter all through the match. Generally speaking these types are stupid annoying, not… this… time…


The Pizza Cutter nerf made such a HUGE difference in this fight. No longer could he spam the move and hit me 30 feet away. No longer could he keep me pinned to the earth without fear of retaliation. I could literally see his frustration when he couldn’t keep me pinned down or that his precious Pizza Cutter was actually getting stuffed by well timed ground attacks and areal attacks. In fact he was so salty by his lack of Spam, he RQued on me. :smiley:

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And an angel got its wings.