Video of Jago's Ultimate

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Glad they’re finally back. Cannot wait to see the rest of cast. I’m curious on how spinal’s or even riptor’s ultimates would play out


yeah my favorites riptor and spinal… cant wait. may be a big skull or the shield will do something… and riptor maybe will call other riptors …who knows

cant wait to see B.Orchid’s boobflash heartattack ultimate come back.

It won’t happen. :confused:

Yeah, not gonna happen.

Also, youtube clip of the Ultimate:

You know jokes aside, why would that comeback? It would just spark controversy.

If I were you freind I’d keep your expectations down a bit and just see what comes. I don’t expect any of the old ultimates to return from KI but would be cool if they did.

Lol let him dream. ■■■■ I’m hoping It comes back too lmao

Wondering what those strange noises were in the video that weren’t part of the actual gameplay? Just things to do with sound link Jago?

Will there be any mores news on ultimates by the 3.7 patch?

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I’d like to see Kilgore get one where he just doesn’t stop shooting.
In fact Fulgore’s could be a hype beam but YUGE, and when it dissipates there’s no opponent left.

They won’t be too gory because remember the game’s age rating.