Video game music that sound suspiciously similar

I’ll start first…

Digimon Battle Spirit 2 - Agunimon’s Theme

The first part of the song sounds a bit similar to Elec Man’s theme from Mega Man (honorable mention, his theme has notes that sound similar to Faithfully by Journey). But it gets more than that, as later, the next part sounds suspiciously similar to the opening theme of the first Marvel vs. Capcom game!

Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Spread the Wings (Theme of Rock Howard)

One of my favorite fighting game BGM, most people know that one of the parts of this tune sounds similar to Children by Robert Miles!

Time Crisis II - End Title

At first, one may not recognize it, but if you listen closely, it sounds similar to the theme of the film, The Rock!

Mega Man X6 - Infinity Mijinion

The first few notes is a dead giveaway…IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!


Does the beat seem feel deja vu? HINT: OBJECTION!

Those are just some tunes that sound suspiciously similar. Any other video game tunes you think they sound similar?

1 word…Illuminati

I gotta say on the digimon thing, Cpacom may throw out a lawsuit if they became aware of that lol.