Video Game Music So Amazing You Can't Believe It Exists

Simply post and talk about video game music that just blows you away at how great it is. I’ll start.

All shall stand for the anthem of the FALCON:

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I got many. My ipod nano is basically 95% game music. From destiny, to KI, to Ape escape, to medievil, to MGS.

In terms of KI: Harold of Gargos and The Tiger Warrior

In terms of other games: Abadis Forest from Dust: and Elysian Tail

Ori and the Blind Forest BY FAR for me here :smile: :grin: :blush: :relaxed: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:

Where do I even start?

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Retainer of Doma’s theme gives me chills every time.

Never played this game, but after listening to it’s soundtrack, I’d be willing to give it a go.


Wait, that was the parody version of Knuckles’ theme that may or may not be appropriate to the guidelines of these forums. I suggest that you guys check it out anyway.

jet set radio future is amazing in most of its songs but this one is my personal favorite

This soundtrack is fantastic and one line on this in particular I like very much “I’m a killing machine, but that’s the only part human!” (Fulgore, anyone?)

Great song with the old west theme.
And the entirety of the DOOM 2016 soundtrack

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The only music to give me some time to collect my thoughts after being afraid:

AKA Resident Evil 2: Save Room Theme

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Let me start with the least popular one but one of my favorites, Rez…

My beloved Max Payne 3, awesome ambiance…

Red dead redemption

Then, there are a few mass effect 2 missions that had amazing music that created real suspense.


I know these are covers, but they are from video games: