Video Game Haters

Here is GradeAUnderA’s newest AND latest video where he discusses and at the same time presents/showcases the three (he primarily talks about just two of them in the vid) main groups of people who basically showed/displayed a great deal of antagonism toward one of the most popular forms of entertainment AND past-times in the world: VIDEO GAMES

GradeAUnderA does so in a REALLY entertaining and humorous while at the same time informative and thought-provoking way just like in many of his past previous videos on his official YouTube channel :laughing: :joy: :slight_smile: :relaxed:

Fun fact: GradeAUnderA happens to be a gamer himself and in his case he is a long-time gamer and overall a big, long-time fan of video games. Not only that he has his very own Twitch channel too :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

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Lol great find! I can’t stand parents who think video games are bad because the news says so. I also can’t stand people/parents taking advice seriously they see of the news in general.

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