Very good Eyedol gameplay


Speaking of punching yourself, I remember when I was fighting Gargos and I accidentally punched myself and lost a bar of my green health LOL!


Speaking of punching himself. He seems to inflict around 5–8 damage per punch. I think the max punches before switching is 4 so that is at least 20-32 damage you take from hitting yourself.


So the key to Eyedol is jump HP, ok got it!


GGs man, just FYI my name is misspelled in the YouTube videos. Its Tswagg not Twagg lol


To be honest, I don’t think those videos are very impressive. I watched 3 of them and don’t think I saw him use the Mage form once, and everything else seemed like he was just going for the jump into recapture set up over and over. I don’t doubt he’s a great player, I just don’t think these videos really showcase Eyedol’s full potential. I’ll try to edit some gameplay videos from this past weekend. It didn’t take long before I felt comfortable with both his forms and was able to adapt to his changing on the fly.


yeeeeahh I saw that the other day lol sorry.


So… any more good Eyedol players out there? I have not been able to find any tournament footage of him am looking for high level Eyedol play.


I believe you can find high level Eyedol gameplay in Bass channel, look into this thread:

It’s a direct link into one of the sets. Look for Frank the Human



If your looking for a good eyedol hit up ya boie delta rayquaza


Yep, you have a nice Eyedol too. I saw some of your videos, but they were more combo showcases instead of sets. Do you have recorded long sets?


Here is a good length set between @DEClimax and I.

Ive played vs Spinal as Eyedol before so I know some of the struggles and I use some of the set to try to figure out ways to try to help vs said struggles. J

I havent been using Eyedol for a terribly long time so I default to a lot of obvious stuff because I kinda dont know any better, so expect a little roughness outside of what bit I may have learned in the lab.


Love the video’s title XD


Its not untrue. but I wasnt that bad off. lol


I would like to play your Eyedol someday, I need more MU knowledge there


I have been playing a lot of Eyedol lately. I would be more then willing to play a set with you. Your Aganos is always a blast.


Sounds good to me!

I have a decent Gargos too!


love these battles!!! omg i wanna play KI NOOOWWW!!!

mira is awesome!


Hey, wanna play a set?


Awn, I just saw this man :frowning:

Maybe during the weekend :slight_smile: