Various issues with steam version, Including launch crashes

Hi all,

I bought recently killer instinct on steam.
I have to say that I really love the game but there are so many bugs and annoyances that are really getting to me.

As many other people, when launching it, I got a white screen with the non-responding windows message.
After trying a lot of things and googling for 1 hour I managed to fix it by downloading a rar with a premade set of configuration files that allowed me to actually launch the game. After launching the game I managed to go to the settings, change them, and now the game is working properly.
I have to say that it is terrible that this issue is not documented more properly and even worse not properly fixed, so, i’ll mention for other people with the same problem:
BUG: 1): the game has issue creating the starting config and crashes at launch. Having somebody giving some config files fixes it.

Now the main issues:
Because I really liked the gameplay I convinced my brother to also by the game so we could play together.
He had also an incredible amount of technical issues:
2)After launching the game and changing the settings, the game didn’t start anymore and always crashed on the microsoft logo page. Rebooting a few times and trying with the downloaded config files eventually allowed him to get into the game
3)We had several issues trying to play online, but I guess it was a temporary problems on your servers, and I am sure they will be working properly soon, anyway the following problems still remain:
4)When trying to invite him to an exhibition or lobby, his game would always minimize (with the music still running) and become unresponsive. He could not restore it to fullscreen, nor close it through the windows10 “x” button, the only way to close it was through task manager
5)He experienced these kind of issues both by trying to stream the game through steam (using the steam streaming feature) , and by trying to play from the main PC. The game just kept failing to work in steam big picture mode. It started one time in normal mode but then again it got minimized when we tried to connect to each other with no way or resuming it without killing through the task manager.

In the end he kept pushing for a refund but i am trying to convince him to give it another chance in the weekend.
Please do some proper testing/fixing on running the game on steam, big picture and streaming included, this amount of technical issues are not acceptable. It is really sad since the game really deserves more players, but I can imagine that if many get the same issues they will not have the patience to stick to it.

Btw: he has a monster pc with a gtx1080 and i7 7700, win10 normal edition updated, and regularly plays any kind of game. Killer Instinct is the only game that give these problems. It is also the only game that gave me all these issues as well.

I really hope you can do something about it, thanks.


Sorry you’re having all of these issues! The steam version has been running smoothly for me and plenty of others so I hope you get some help on this matter soon for you and your brother!