Vampire's Style type

Vampire will be in KI Season 3 but… I wonder what Vampire’s style type like grappler or rushdown or what? If you vote one of them and why? Have enjoy about this topic!

  • Zoning
  • Grappler
  • Rushdown
  • Balanced
  • Other Style? Make your comments please.

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Now personally I am open to and will accept also ANY styles/archetypes for the new vampire/vampire-type character in Killer Instinct Season 3 :wink: :smile:

I have a feeling we’re getting atleast two more rushdowns next season. That’s just me.

Probably an archetype that isn’t in the game, something unique like aganos.

I’d like the vampire to a kind of rush down grappler. But with some sort of blood meter like hisakos wrath and aganos’ rocks where the less blood he has the slower he becomes due to being more weak, he could gain blood from grabs etc. Basically the amount of blood he has determines whether he is a good grappler hunting for blood or a good rush down due to his energy from the blood of that makes sense


Yeah, you’re right. make a sense!

I’d say zoning.

Vampires are all about magic and evasion, turning into a swarm of bats to teleport, lots of projectiles. Maybe give him a sword like a rapier or something fancy for when he gets in close. Plus the whole vampire/werewolf rivalry would be even better if he was the anti-Sabrewulf.

Could do some cool stuff like let him restore health by biting someone during his grab in instinct or something.

Someone gets me!!! A rival for Sabrewulf! The lycan who wants to rid himself of the curse, the other who wants to control it.

Why not use the blood increase its blood meter, allowing it to create weapons like how Gabriel used to create a blood whip in LoS2.

Vampire gotta be a health leech that can various status effects.

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