Vampire character - part 2 (Dhampir)

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A vampire being the opposite of Sabrewulf, except he is born a dhampir. One who wants to control the vampirism within while Sabrewulf seeking a cure to be rid of his lycanthropy.

The dhampir’s vampire race would be aligned to Gargos. He/she had a father/mother vampire who served the demon warlord, until she grew tired of the fighting and lived a life with humans.

In the modern era, he/she fell in love with a human and gave birth to a child of half-vampire blood. The child’s father/mother urges him/her not to let the bloodlust take control and must learn to resist it.

The child would be later adopted to a church family and helped to master his/her powers.

The vampire’s stage:

Along with “bloody roses”.

Background music:

Instinct Mode:

There are like a LOT of vampire pop culture these days. Dracula’s the best, if there was a modern vampire, there must be one worthy to add!


Dont forget this guy!!

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If this guy can be KI’s Vega, but as a good guy…

Normal but beautiful self:

Instinct Mode:

Like imagine if this half-breed vampire was born in Spain. They don’t have Spanish music yet.

don’t forget her