Using Warrior pips in Mage mode

I have experienced twice already while in mage mode using pips from warrior.

Mage Eyesol uses warrior pips and vice versa. I cannot however find what the mage pips are for. They just seem to randomly use themselves in Warrior mode.

Mage pips uses:

-Summons 3 meteors instead of one
-Uses the 3 versions of lighting at the se time
-Gives stomp a second stomp

All performed double tapping each attack button

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I meant the warrior pips. I’m sorry. Im not sure what they do and their function is not listed in the movelist.

The warrior pips are meant to jump cancel.
For example f+HP hits three times but if you have a warrior pip you can use f+ HP and cancel the move after one or two hits thus preventing yourself from being shadow countered


Oh okay thank you. :slight_smile: