Using orginal KI music as stage music

Sense the music and stages are each selectable, are there any plans to add the orginal KI music that is in the training mode as stage music. It would not take much to link those tracks to the stage music selection area.


I hope so. With the ability to select stage music now, and with a lot of the classic tunes already being in the game via training mode, I can’t imagine it being that hard to add it to the music select. Unless they just want to leave it exclusive to training mode for some reason?

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can’t get training stage selectable so it would actually be a very good idea to be able to use classic ki1/2 tracks on stages.

I’m hoping they are planning to add ki2 & KI music when Mira’s theme comes

The one thing I think might be a problem with this is that the new songs are built to be “dynamic” and have different parts played during combos, between rounds, in Danger, etc. I wonder whether the old tracks (which I have listened to) would be able to be made into dynamic versions, or if we would just get an unchanging, “flat” version of the songs instead.

If it’s something people want added (particularly because what you choose for music doesn’t affect your opponent in any way) I think it would be a nice gesture to put them in, but I’m curious; would you still enjoy them as much during a match if they weren’t dynamic?

While we’re on this subject of selecting music, can we get a “Random” for song selection? I’d like to keep things mixed up in my stage/song picking…

I would enjoy them as they are. I wasn’t even thinking about how the tracks now change during points in the match. Although if each person has their own track playing now, then they don’t even hear the other persons music selection. If it between not adding them at all, or as they are. I would choose as they are now

Honestly, I don’t care whether the songs are ‘dynamic’ or not.

People listen to music that sounds good to them.

‘Dynamic’ music is just a gimmick, since dynamic music can be good music, or terrible music.

The old music sounds better than the new music to me, probably since i’ve been around since the beginning, since Super Nintendo days.

The old music was also ‘dynamic’ if you will, since it changed to a hyped up version of the track during Danger, and even finished off properly at the end of the match, like the conductor signaled for the band to wind down then cut. Amazing. Orchids ends off so cool, haha!

Not that like really mattered to me anyway, it was simply a very, very nice touch. But the quality of the music must come first.

So like the guy above said, we’ll take the old music as an option, as it is, please.

I don’t even know why they bothered to hire someone new to redo the music, when they had two sets of tracks (KI1 and KI2) to play with, and remix.

Why did he just not remix the music? Was he trying to create something here? Oh well…

All that happend because of this, is that the intro music (and maybe the end credit music) ends up being the two best audio track in the game.

Sorry Mark or Matt whoever that put all this ‘effort’ into creating the new tracks.

None of the new music has stuck with me so far, and I don’t think it ever will.

The impressive melodies from KI1 and to an extent, KI2 are nowhere to be found.

(I preferred Fulgore, Glacius’s and Sabrewulf’s KI1 themes, and TJ Combo’s KI2 theme while Gargos’s theme was just amazing! Both of Orchid’s were just amazing, and both, better than this new one, in my humble opinion.)

I can’t even tell you what Jago’s new stage sounds like, and i’ve heard it over 50 times by now.

Just My Opinion.

I agree just let the music play.

Most fights I’m just hearing stuttering and swishes and swoops instead of the music season 3

I’d rather hear KI 2 Kim Wu theme until the last hit if the round than if someone went in and tried to fashion a dynamic interlude to play in the event there was an 18 hit combo

Please add the original KI songs into the game… I was gonna start a new thread on this but I see people want this feature