Uses of st.LP (and the light normals in general)

So, in my time playing Thunder, I noticed the similarity between his st.LK and Sako’s st.LP. Can Sako play the same “lockdown” game with st.LP, or is the frame advantage not good enough or make it too risky?

I also see that st.LP is the longest-range light normal to take your turn back at -5 and below and can flipout after cr.HP. cr.LK is also good for the H Influence tick throw.

Otherwise… I’m not seeing much. Is there anything else I should know about these?

They have their uses, but since Hisako can’t combo off lights without a counter hit or meter those uses can be limited. She can do some pretty nasty command grab setups off the lights though if you crunch the numbers on them - I have a few character-specific tick grab setups that I pull out on occasion. And the lights can also be good for checking people when they’re right on top of you but influence won’t reach.

All in all Hisako’s lights aren’t great, but you should definitely use them sometimes.

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You have my attention. I don’t even see how a tick grab could be char-specific

Also, do you think Sako’s st.LP can be used like Thunder’s st.LK in a chain to hold them down?

Haha. I don’t mean the setup only works on those characters - more that the setup is particularly useful in those MU’s where they aren’t necessary in others. Kind of like how you can meaty medium TK-ORZ against the entire cast, but it’s only really useful against Cinder.