Upload Studio has died

I got all excited… I have a few Web Tech videos to share on the Sadira forum and now that my internet has been restored (due to ice storm), I decided to record and present them. On Xbox, I’ve been using Upload Studio to edit and present my stuff. Microsoft killed it this week.

Do you know of any other applications for Xbox One where you can edit and upload your content on Xbox One?
Secondly, if Xbox doesn’t have a program, how do you get the videos from Xbox One to your PC? I have the Xbox Campanian app and I can see the videos, but I can’t play them or save them for future editing.

Any ideas?

They announced back in September that Upload Studio would be retired shortly, and they were integrating Sharing options with the Xbox App on phones.

From your console, you can apparently still post and trim clips from the basic Clips menu, but fancy features are apparently gone.

I tried to find the official post for you, but not luck. Found this video instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwxgGpcqtS4&feature=emb_logo

Found a third party site talking a bit about it all here.

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Aww darn it! I hope we get one that can take clips directly to one drive.

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Dag. Before I started playing on Win10, Upload Studio was how I recorded all my set.



So I toyed with this a little yesterday. Attempting to launch Upload Studio brings up a message that the App is no longer supported and Microsoft recommends that you uninstall it (so I’ve done so).

I then toyed in Killer Instinct and “Recorded what happened,” so 5 minutes of random stuff.

When the clip finished properly uploading on the console, it did indeed appear in the Xbox App on my mobile, and while I had the options to post/share it from there, I couldn’t see anyway to edit it from the phone.

So I went to Capture and Share on my Xbox One X, and selected the clip. The good news is under “more options” (or something like that), you can still upload to OneDrive, meaning you can then pull and properly edit clips on your PC.

The bad news is using Capture and Share’s “Trim” option doesn’t seem to work properly. I selected the parts of the clip I wanted, but you can’t seem to preview it. I go to save it, it starts processing, and then hung. Most disappointing. I also don’t see anyway to join multiple clips together.

So this is quite sad, and overall a major step backward, which surprises me as Microsoft otherwise seems to mostly be on the ball with this coming generation.

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