UPLOAD: Hype moments

Hey guys.

We need to post our KI hype moments more! Here, on Xbox upload and on twitter.

Its a great way to show the game off and it looks great at ALL levels of play not just PRO or tournament level.

Lets try and “record that” a little more and share each others vidoes.

Heres my last night have a watch these are just some of the edits.

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As much as I would love to, it would take me days to do so on my unworthy network connection. Therefore, you’ll have to make-do with just visiting my XBL profile (“Galactic Geek”) and watching them there - and I must say, there’s a lot of them. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

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Your net codes fine! :smile::smile::smile:

I was downloading Van Helsing this evening. In the very next room, my brother was attempting to download a PDF. With both downloads going at the same time, it slowed my network to a crawl (less than 1mbps). It took me over 2 minutes just to START sending a message. :’(


Mines 100meg but ive notice ki lag a bit across ranked.

Its fine when i do exhibition with my uk friends

I’v got my own youtube channel if I need to show something off. And there’s rarely a time where something astounds me enough to make a highlight video.

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I’ve got 1 too, but I have a backlog of clips to upload and not enough time. Still, if you wanna see some great (but rather old) clips, simply go to http://www.youtube.com/thegalacticgeek. :wink:

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I only found one clip, I just realized I don’t record a lot of KI. I shall change that with future videos!

In this clip, I was still learning the ways of KI, I had just finished training in the dojo and decided to take up online competition. This is among my first few online games, you will notice I am incredibly dull at breaking and continue to fall into the same setups. However, it was an incredible comeback at the time.

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Now that I know this thread exists, I’ll be sure to contribute any ridiculousness I encounter online :smile:

In the meantime, here’s your monthly reminder that Hisako doesn’t appreciate anything about “YOLO”:smile:

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OMG MARBEL thats halarious!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Wow that was ferral! So many light linkeds you guys were really going for it.


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I love the aganos one. Omg he let u have rocks lol.

I love it at that point in the game where there is almost nothing you can do to come back haha

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Yeah, no doubt. I wasn’t very good at the time so his heavy manuals were more than enough to end the match. The reads though, saved my skin.

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I hate manuals they make me cry allot

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They can be a lot sometimes :pensive:

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Which 1 are you referring to?

The rock one! When u get chunks n fulgie is just lost as what to do

There was no way he was gonna beat you :smile: specially with thoea resources

Okay, but which 1 was it? I have a few game clips that fit that description*:
“Rock Beats Scissors”
"Counter-Breaker x3"
“Shock Value”

In other news, the following was one of my best hype moments and comebacks*:
“I’m Not Done Yet!”

*Please note, that all clips linked within this post are only temporary; watch them while you still can. :wink:

OMG guys had my best mate over last night with her two girls.

One is is ten the other is seven. They LOVE ki i even brought them an xbox for it lol.

So i said to them lets take a look at Shadow Jago ill do one ranked match… next comes a pretty decent spinal :fearful: UGH best of three… i go on to explain girls hes gonna be good and ive only played Shadow Jago for 2 days.

Anyway this match happens its pretty tight but i win the set the cheers were like world cup it was LOLz

The come back at the end is pretty epic NEVER give up the girls said so we didnt!

Double fire ball in the air kept me well away from certain doom!

YAS! Have a watch