Upload enders, what's the point?

I think ARIA could use a buff to her upload enders. HKD, wall splat enders do more damage and allow time to switch. Okay, Lvl1 Wallsplat does less damage than Lvl1 upload, but might as well use the HKD or launcher ender and switch body while doing more damage.

My suggestion would be to allow the upload enders to do a bit of the effect of whatever upload is being used. So uploading into booster would do wall splat but less carry, uploading to blade body would do a bit less damage than the damage ender proper and upload to bass body would do a bit of battery.

The benefit Upload Enders provide for me is that you can switch bodies but not lose advantage, where as going for the hard knockdown or wall splat ender takes time and can allow the opponent to recompose themselves.

Do you use them often, then?

Considering the PD changes, I would buff upload enders like this:

When you use an upload ender, the switched body loses part of its potential damage immediately

Aria has two bodies, booster and blade, and she is facing Omen. Omen grabs her with demonic despair while in blade body. Aria opens Omen and performs a upload enter to switch to booster. When she does this, part of the potential damage is instantly healed into normal health.

Lvl 1 ender: heals 25% PD into normal health
Lvl 2 ender: heals 50% PD into normal health
Lvl 3 ender: heals 75% PD into normal health
Lvl 4 ender: heals 100% PD into normal health


Yeah right, but what does Aria must do to achieve this?

-Open her opponent
-Increase her ender lvl, potentially risking into a break, and since she is loaded with PD, that’s not always a good idea
-Sacrifice damage/setups/meter enders for recovering PD

So… not THAT good. Maybe even the damage of the ender could be toned down



Not too often. If I feel that the opponent is a good distance away from me or if I’ve used the Bass body ender to hit them away a good distance I manually switch. But the Upload Enders still have good use if you are in a clutch situation and you need quick advantage to either go on the offensive or defensive.

Here are the damage values for all the enders and levels for reference:

Can’t you shadow cancel off the last hit of the upload ender (such as Shadow Bass Blast after doing Bass Upload)? If this is the case, then there might be some use in continuing a combo while switching out on the fly.

Of course, I play ARIA in passing. I could be completely wrong on this.

No idea, but I’ll give it a shot. Never seen a pro (or anybody else) do it, though.

They are pretty important. I use them all the time. The trick is that you should have at least 1 setup after using said enders.

To simply put upload bass enders is more or less identical to her battery ender. Same with upload blade ender. Basically the same as her damage ender only difference is the opponent is closer. Only Booster ender is different in terms of distance, and frame advantage.

It’s also important to be able to MBS (manual body switch) in the nuetral or during certain instances where your opponent is unable to punish you.

Then there’s also certain setups that allow a MBS for safety AND/OR even advantageous opportunities.

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Basically, treat bass & blade upload enders as her battery and damage enders. You can get setups off them.You can also combo off her battery enders from anywhere on the screen but…it’s not really worth it since you’re adding minuscule damage, giving a chance to break and creating the same space but less advantage and losing your setup time or MBS time.

Of course that’s midscreen. But even in the corner again…might as well go for the setup instead. Use that frame advantage for something.

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Yeah, but the damage is so bad, though.

Don’t worry about the damage. Focus on setups and mixups instead then. Upload enders are on the weaker end of the chain for ender damage. That’s fine. But again they provide a free switch and a setup.

Which if you analyze her tools, crunch some numbers and do some testing vs the rest of the cast…you’ll be finding more openings then you could count. Of course then the rest comes down to player tendencies and character toolset and your own execution.


I forgot to mention something. IF you do a level 1 ender with anything upload enders are virtually identical to her other enders (except damage which is like… 1% more damage big deal right?) There might be other increments but it’s so small…you won’t notice them.

So if you do an upload ender with a lvl 1 don’t panic. You’ll be fine. It’s really only lvl 3 &4 where you see the upload enders start to fall off in terms of damage.

Okay, did some lab work on this.

Booster upload ender - you get nothing, doesn’t juggle to any shadow move
Blade upload ender - can juggle with shadow DP but that’s it really. Can’t flipout or any juggles off either the upload ender itself or the shadow DP later
Bass upload ender - can juggle with shadow dissonance and then get a flipout off that into setups or just flipout just from the upload ender. That’s the only one that is worth a try IMO, although both only work in the corner.

I should have said “knockdown setups post upload enders”. There is lots of frame advantage off those enders. Enough that allows (as per different ender) to close the gap and reapply pressure again.

You just have to crunch some numbers then.

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Perhaps they could make it so the enders simply do more damage for higher ender levels. It would be a relatively simple change I would think and encourage the use of the ender more often. Or even make it so switching to a certain body ends to combo differently. the bass upload ender already offers a juggle follow up and the blade upload ender used to do the most damage

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I can’t think of a bad thing about upload enders excluding damage. I would however like the MBS to have it’s collision box disappear during it’s I-frames. I would love that.