Upgrade from Combo Breaker to Ultra Edition

Hey @TempusChaoti or anyone on the @developers who may be involved or could maybe try and put this on motion…

Will there be at any point an upgrade option to season 3 Combo Breaker owners to upgrade to Ultra Edition like there was in season 2? I know at one time there was a $23 dollar upgrade option that allowed you to move up as long as you already owned the season 2 combo breaker edition. I’m ready to put forth my money on this matter, as I’d really like to get upgraded with the double exp bonus and rash costumes.

If not, no worries, I may save some of my money for the Cinder statue coming. I really want that color 10.

You could try contacting Xbox support to get a refund on the combo breaker for a purchase of the ultra edition. I know a few people who did that.

I was kinda hoping for something a little more streamlined of an option other than that. At the very least I’m putting it out there that one somebody wouldn’t mind the upgrade option. But I’m not sure I really wanna go through the hassle of contacting Xbox support, so I’m not that desperate either. Appreciate the suggestion though.

To the @developers and @TempusChaoti

I know this isn’t probably the place to mention this, as Microsoft probably sets most of the prices in place, but I would really to address the issue of the game’s pricing for the seasons.

I’m still wanting to upgrade to the Ultra Edition of Season 3 and Season 3 ONLY. I don’t want to get the Definitive Edition, either physical or digital release, I already have Season 1 and 2 Ultras, I just want an easy option to upgrade my Season 3 package to Ultra without it unnecessarily breaking the bank. I checked it recently after appearing on Major Nelson’s blog that the definitive edition of KI is at $40. However, the price of the Ultra Edition upgrade is likewise the EXACT same price. There is no calculated difference for those who bought the Combo Breaker pack to upgrade to the Ultra, but now there’s more incentive to buy a full game than to purchase a simple upgrade.

In short, is there ANY way this issue could be remedied at some point in the near future? Even if the measure is temporary or something? I don’t guess the development staff would have any ability to really influence that much, but I thought it’s worth asking. It’s been three months (well 2 months and three weeks give or take) since I visited this issue last, but I think it’s a discussion worth meriting at least as far as extra content accessibility.