Updated Character Bios for the Character Page(s)?

So dudes, another idea for an improvement to the Ultra-Combo.com UI.
We’ve had character bios updated in the news section, but the character bios on site (and in game) remain the same.
I was wondering; are there plans to implement the updated bios into the site?

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I’d actually like to know this too - good question, Fwufi! :slight_smile:

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Yes! As a matter of fact, and I think I have mentioned this somewhere before, but we are looking at doing another redesign of the site. Not as dramatic as last time, but definitely looking at improvements on the current design.

One of those improvements revolves around the Character pages. Right now they’re doing their job, providing a bit of backstory and the character’s trailer.

Well, and to speak a little ambitiously, we want to see these evolve. Better images/models for the character pages. Increased space for the longer bios that are being crafted. A section that can house media like trailers & wallpapers. And getting super-ambitious, I’d personally love to see character’s movesets displayed on these pages, too!

As we continue forward towards v2, some features will make it in, and others will be pushed towards future iterations, but you’ll definitely notice your suggestion has not fallen on deaf ears.


:scream: gasp
…you know, of all of the Galaxies out there… The Iron one might be my favorite. :laughing:
Thanks, for the heads up, rukizzel!

When can we expect new character pages for Mira, Raam, Gargos and Eyedol?