Update Riptor's and Sadira's Ultimate

Let the background fade back in like with the other characters instead of staying black.
Just a little, simple change!

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I was skeptical of the title but come to find something I actually agree with.

Seems miracles can happen.


Kinda what I was thinking as well.

Though would the angles work for Riptor’s end? I mean, I don’t think Sadira’s would be an issue to change, but Riptor’s looks like the camera might be pulled back away too far to work properly with all the stages.

It might not be a little, simple change to make. What if they left the background black at the end of their ultimates because the camera angle wouldn’t work on every stage? Food for thought.

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I know the title can be kind of misleading but I didn’t come up with a better one.

Maybe but there are already Intros and Outros in season 3 that let you look out of the stage.

That doesn’t mean the camera angles at the end of their ultimates would work. We can see certain parts of stages during intros/outros =/= the camera angles for Sadira’s/Riptor’s ultimates will work.

Yesterday I’ve played some Shadow Lords and this happened:

Now I know why they don’t show the stage after her Ultimate, but what is happening here exactly?

By the way did you know that Riptor does bite some characters in her Ultimate?

But they have no collision so it goes right through them.