Update on Eagle free for Definitve Edition?

Its been almost 2 months and I have seen nothing on when he will be free for those that own the Definitive edition. I can understand it taking time for them to do it, but 2 months is pretty aggravating to wait. Anyone have any sort of update on when this will be happening?

On reading the announcement here https://www.ultra-combo.com/eagles-pricing-availability/ the following is mentioned.

… there was a key phrase missing from this announcement. “when the Steam version rolls out.”

Eagle will be free for Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition owners, but since this work was originally scheduled for months from now, we are trying to make it happen as quick as we can.

KI:DE & Season 3 Ultra owners will get Eagle free – but may not work immediately

We wanted to make sure the offering we had on Windows 10 & Xbox matched the offer we were releasing on Steam. To do that, we naturally have to include the 3 characters currently missing from the DE bundle. That work was to be done when the Steam version launched, but a miss in verbiage on-stage led us to our current predicament.

From that, I can only surmise that it will occur when the Steam version is launched, and those who have access to him now are just lucky.

3rd of October and still no free access to Eagle… :frowning:

He was available for me when the Steam version was released, so I hoped it was the same for everyone else. Sorry to hear that you’re having problems. :disappointed:

The only thing I can suggest is to leave a comment in the Bug Reporting thread to let them know you’re still having problems: Official KI Bug Reporting Thread Season 3

Nov 20th and Still no Eagle acces Seriously wtf!!!..

Still nothing…