Unused Vampire's theme?

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Did you guys know that Count Batula’s theme in Conker’s Bad Fur Day is the Unused Vampire’s Theme from KI 2? Interesting right? So assuming that the vampire is made, would his theme have elements of this? Discuss!


It definitely should. But they might have to license it.

But Microsoft owns Rare, don’t they? So it would be licensed anyway?

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I don’t mean like, get the rights. I mean they might have to ask their Microsoft overlords and they might tell them no. IDK though.

Good stuff Moon, but this is the original piece, so that means if The vampire was created, he would have the Batula theme.

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The theme of Batula, from Conker’s Bad Fur Day, is the Unused Vampire from KI 2’s original theme.

jesus…too much flanger

I hope and dream that they would take from the old and give us the character we never knew we wanted but I’m sure if we do get a vampire it’ll be completely original and not related to that long lost design.

I think it’d be good to see a redo of this theme with KI’s styling - listening to the actual original, it makes sense - it’s like it was a draft from the original KI/KI2 without final polishings as it were.

By the way, I think the characters will have idle themes, since Tusk’s original theme is heard in the trailer (slowed down to a great degree and pitched a few keys down, but still there).

If it is the original theme, then it was obviously downsampled in quality to fit the n64’s standards. I wonder if Beanland would be interested in taking another swing at it. #ResurrecttheVampireIG

He won’t be unused when I’m done with him. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Kinda wished they used this for Mira’s idle theme.

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