Unpurchased characters in CPU Vs

Are all characters available/selectable if you were to pick CPU vs. CPU even if you don’t purchase them (other than the free character available)?

I can’t tell you the answer to this, because I have all the characters purchased. But I changed the title to better reflect the question and maybe draw someone in who can help you.


From what my friends who had the free version told me, you can fight against any character in all modes. You also have access to all the stages regardless of what you purchased.

So you’re saying that if you are on the 1P side and you only can only select the free character, you can select and face anyone on the CPU side. What if both sides are CPU (as in you select CPU vs. CPU), do they both gain access to all characters then?

You can’t do CPU vs CPU as far as I know, the mode was never available.

Computer vs computer is a mode

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Considering no one on here is able to tell you, at this point I’m going to just suggest you download the game (it’s free) and test this out for yourself.

I’m actually doing that right now via Windows 10 since I actually don’t have a Xbox One in hand. The reason why I asked such thing because I need it for a video project, since I don’t want to waste money on purchasing everything…

Well, I was right. Selecting CPU vs. CPU will have access to all characters.

Yes, cpu vs cpu is fun on kyle difficulty and all characters can be chosen by both cpus. :wink: