Unlocking Sadira's Easy and Medium Endings in Season 3

Easy - Beat Story
Medium - Ultra Jago
Hard - Score 1600 or more xp in a match

Did they change how unlocking goes in Season 3? I remember unlocking multiple in Season 2.

I’ve been trying to unlock endings 1 and 2 for sadira but I can’t help but score above 1600 xp in a match. I purposely fail breakers and use no shadow moves.

At the end of each match I have a booster that doubles my xp. I guess thats from ordering the 40$ season 3 pack, but I can’t find where it shows my active boosters.

So right now, I can’t complete season 1’s mural because I can’t score under 1600xp in a match no matter how crappy I force myself to play.

Any thoughts?

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This. Please fix.

Hmm, that’s odd. You unlock multiple in Season 2 but in Season 1 you have to do a play through per ending.

However, the highest ending you qualify for but don’t unlock should be what gets displayed for you. For instance, when I did Jago’s I beat it on hard for the third ending. Then got the first on my second run. Then got the second ending on my final attempt. Don’t know why multiple runs aren’t unlocking for you.

And this is why season 1 story mode needs to be refined for future seasons. I’m glad I unlocked both murals prior to reach succeeding season. I really hope they fix this.

Same exact problem. I had it all completed, but then had to wipe my profile do to a glitch. Now I can’t complete it.

I’m in your exact same same situation right now.

Ok update. I managed to get all endings. You have to do them in backwards order. Hard then Medium then Beginner.

I did Hard then I was trying to get beginner done next. It would not unlock in that order. Stupid.

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