Unlocking characters?


So by playing Shadow Lords I unlock characters to play online? Because I’m somehow got Jago


Jago and Orchid are the only characters you can unlock just by playing Shadow Lords.


nice, how much I need to play Shadow Lords to unlock Orchid ?


You need to earn half of the items in the Archives (Dossiers, Cinematics, etc.) to unlock Orchid. The progress meter on the main Shadow Lords menu will tell you how close you are.


Isn’t Jago completely free ? You start with Jago. You can’t start with 0 character.
Then there is this bar that shows fulgore before orchid.
So I thought shouldn’t I have fulgore unlocked too ? I don’t know what those characters on the meter
mean. I see 2 Gargos on top. Doesn’t mean I get to play Gargos without buying.


Unfortunately ypu can’t get gargos or fulgore. The fulgore is there for his color 11 or something. As for Gargos it’s his gold and platinum skin.


Jago isnt completely free, he was the first rotating free character. It changes every week or 2.