UNLOAD THE TOAD (unclog the frog)

This thread exists solely because there is not yet a topic about these phrases, and that is sad. So anytime I do something well in life, I have unloaded the toad. Anytime I have done something poorly, I have unclogged the frog. So I want YOU to state the instances in which you unloaded to toad/unclogged the frog.

For example: “Man, I totally unloaded the toad on my Chem exam today!” or “I really unclogged the frog on that one”

Spread the only Rash worth spreading and have at it :frog:

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Sounds kinda sorta dirty lol


Lol sounds funny outside of KI.



Never heard of these phrases before…

Keits started the first one I think. Chat came up the second.

Any time you find yourself needing to ‘unclog the chode’, video games are probably the least of your worries.

OSFrog Unload The Toad OSFrog

Slip’em da Tongue
Ribbited for Your Pleasure
Me so Warty
Loopable Thrusting
Teeth and Cleavage

#Don’t Need Pants For The Victory Dance


Oh my goodness, that cartoon brings back so much memories…

Man. I unloaded the toad yesterday when I got a perfect with Rash against a Rico Suave

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So I am going to stream myself going into ranked with random characters.

Hopefully I am able to unload the toad/unclog the frog/exhibit the ribbit/evoke the croak.


Thought it was “uninhibit the ribbit” :smiley:

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Jumpstart the wart?

Frog balls to the walls

Slimy pearly whites

These bikes are killing me~

Amphibious altercation, toad tussle, toad takedown, tenacious toad tango, fighting frog fisticuffs, froggy feud, rambunctious rash rumble, whimsical warty wrangling.