Unintentional Searing Skull Opener after LP

Noob question: When I try crouching LP into QCF LK, half the times Boneshaker comes out and half the time Searing Skull does. I’ve done this with inputs on, and I’m only pressing LP a single time. Does anybody know why this happens? I’ve been able to reproduce it with Combo Assist on and off, so it’s not that.

I guess in general I don’t get how two punch attacks (crouching LP jab -> Searing Skull) can come out of a single button press.

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Maybe you are having issues with “negative edge”

Negative edge means if you want to do a special move, letting a button go is the same as pressing a button

So if in this scenario, you are probably doing this:

LP(hold), QCF, Release LP, LK

The release of LP counts as LP, so searing skull comes out instead of boneshaker.

You just have to not hold LP.

Hope to being helpful, if you have any other doubt, ask whatever you need :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I would assume negative edge.

Another option if you are wanting to use a light, is use LK instead of LP.

Solid advice, but I assume he’s using punches because he wants Spinal’s fantastic jab. I don’t think his kicks are anywhere near as useful in most situations.

Another option might be to simply do soul sword opener instead @MLGTrunkers - the QCB motion will guarantee you don’t have to worry about getting fireball, and because it’s just punch into another punch it should be a decently easy confirm.

I would try to adapt into using negative edge properly(or avoid to use it totally), it’s easy to train your muscle memory into not holding the button for too long, so you don’t get undesired commands.

Even if you could work around it using another motion/button as @STORM179 and @SoSRaGnArOk suggest, maybe you will have this issue with another character in the future, a characer who has fewer options than Spinal.

Thanks for the great answers everyone.

It indeed seems to be a negative edge issue. When I tested, it seemed more a problem with starting the QCF motion too early than pressing the button too long. Even with a (relatively) quick tap I still got the Searing Skull at times.

Using Soul Sword is a good call.

Execution is a big issue at the moment for me. I’m weaning myself off combo assist, but sometimes my thumb feels, uh… drunk? Clumsy?


That’s just a natural part of the process of getting better at KI. I know when I first started I was basically mashing my way to victory even if I did understand how to do Opener>AD>Linker>AD>Ender etc. It actually took me a long time to be able to do anything besides Medium combos reliably for most characters besides Wulf.

You’ll get better with practice, don’t worry!

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Unless you’re intending to hold buttons and go for release inputs, the best advice I can give is learn to tap your buttons not hold them since KI is a game that allows specials to be input and a button to be released for an input.

Yes, negative edge is the culprit. Some specials in KI seem to have a particularly large negative edge window. I have no negative edge problems in any other game (even SF4, which is kind of notorious for some negative edge things), but KI will trigger it sometimes with some characters.

If you’re doing normal canceled into special, and you’re getting the special move corresponding to your normal as opposed to the real one you want, you have two main options:

  1. Hold the normal button until after you execute the special. So it would be LP (hold), QCF LK, release LP. On an arcade stick this is usually pretty easy, maybe a little less easy if you’re on pad because you have to fat finger the buttons a bit.

  2. Learn to press and release the normal button extremely quickly.

You might even find different methods useful for different special moves, depending on how your finger is positioned. When making videos for my guide, I’ve had to force myself to do method 1 for some inputs (I’m normally a stick player but I don’t feel like plugging my stick in to make videos, so I fumble around on pad until it works).

Thanks Infil (and great guide by the way!).

I tried Method 1, and depending on the timing, you get a Searing Skull ender after the Boneshaker. So to reliably do the combo I had to first enter the auto-double before releasing LP.

Thinking about it, when I want to play more defensive I’m getting a lot of negative edge inputs and they are messing my plan. After a hit confirm its great but if not it’s a bother and means the rival has a shadow counter opportunity if they have shadow.
Downbacking in KI 1 with Wulf was the way to go, and now is a problem :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It also happens when you mash to break some shadow linkers (the fast ones). I breaks them really fast.

I’m preeeeetty sure you can’t negative edge a shadow linker break attempt (because that would mess everything up and generate timing lockouts everywhere). I’m not 100% sure but I’d be very surprised if they did this.

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