Underscan or Overscan settings

So with the type of TV I have there is no adjustment setting to fix my oversan issues, which means every time I play killer instinct the image is cropped. The only games I haven’t had this problem with are the ones that have an “adjust screen size” option in the game. if I have this problem I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that would appreciate this option in killer instinct too. Plus this is seriously almost the only game ive played since day one. Would be very, very much appreciated.

Hmm never heard of this issue before, adjusting your televisions setting doesn’t help? As in, the option to set-up full screen, 16:9, fit to screen, etc.

Yup went though all my settings to make sure everything was exactly how it should be. Even hired a TV guy to try and fix the issue but still dealing with it. I have a rear projection tv which tends to have these kind of problems. The ps4 and wii u have a setting through the OS that allows you to manually adjust the screen size. Xbox does not have this option.

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Wow, that is a huge bummer. What type of television do you have?

Also, @rukizzel @TheKeits @TempusChaoti couldn’t that option to adjust screen size be an easy addition to the display settings? I wouldn’t know but it seems like something that should be in settings.

It’s a Mitsubishi DLP

I’m obviously not the only one dealing with this and at this point I’m assuming Microsoft is leaving it up to developers to include this option in their games.

I tagged the devs, but they are probably busy from announcing Shago this week and getting everything ready for release. Hopefully they will come around to this thread.

Yeah I’m excited about it too! Thanks for taking the time man.

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Any chance of this @rukizzel?

Do you guys know anything about this? If so, any plans on adding an in-game option?@TheKeits @TempusChaoti?